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Welcome to Agrestal Organic Heritage Seed Co

Ready for the 2024 Growing Season!

We do all our own germination testing at the end of each grow-out season. If any of our seed falls below a 70% germination rate, we automatically provide you with extra seed in your order for that variety. Some seeds are tricky, or stubborn, or just don’t like the germination chamber. For the life of me I can’t figure out why – it’s like a spa in there! Regardless, all seed reacts differently, each with their own biological map to reproduction. Sometimes they will just not get to 70% in the chamber, but that’s ok. They still need to be grown, enjoyed, and maintained as a variety. That is why we offer them.


Basil  Germ % 
H011Dark OpalGerm.%92 Dec.2023
H007Genovese Germ.%78 Dec.2023
H004Thai Lemon          Germ.%98 Dec.2023
H003Lime               Germ.%100 Dec.2023
H025Sacred (Green)Germ.%98 Dec.2023
H024Wild Bergamont Germ.%94 Dec.2023
H020BorageGerm.%95 Dec.2023
H010Garlic Germ.%60 Dec.2023
H001Santo        Germ.%92 Dec.2023
H016Bouquet      Germ.%86 Dec.2023
H012Scandinavian Germ.%92 Dec.2023
H008Greek  (Winter Marjoram)Germ.%90 Dec.2023
H005Italian Flat LeafGerm.%90 Dec.2023
H014Moss Curled Germ.%80 Dec.2023
H021Chervil (French Parsley)Germ.%90 Dec.2023
H006Common Garden Germ.%82 Dec.2023
H013Summer Germ.%90 Dec.2023


Vegetables & Fruits

ON004Walla Walla SweetGerm.%82 Dec.2023
BT001ChioggiaGerm.%90 Dec.2023
BT002Golden DelightGerm.%70 Dec.2023
BT003Detroit Dark RedGerm.%60 Dec.2023
BT004Bull’s BloodGerm.%86 Dec.2023
BT005White AlbinoGerm.%70 Dec.2023
BT006Cylindra TendersweetGerm.%72 Dec.2023
B001SlenderetteGerm.%100 Nov.2023
B002Royalty Purple PodGerm.%99 Nov.2023
B005Rattlesnake SnapGerm.%100 Nov.2023
B007Blue LakeGerm.%100 Nov.2023
B010Little Black MonkeysGerm.%100 Nov.2023
B014 MontpellierGerm.%100 Nov.2023
B018Calypso Germ.%95 Nov.2023
B028Jacob’s CattleGerm.%90 Nov.2023
B029Kentucky WonderGerm.%92 Nov.2023
B030ProviderGerm.%92 Nov.2023
B031Golden ButterwaxGerm.%100 Nov.2023
B036Charlevoix Dark Red Germ.%90 Nov.2023
B038Red NoodleGerm.%100 Nov.2023
B042Green MungGerm.%80 Nov.2023
C003Golden Bantam ImprovedGerm.%98 Nov.2023
C010Painted MountainGerm.%100 Nov.2023
C023Hulless Baby RiceGerm.%95 Nov.2023
C033Pennsyl. Dutch ButterGerm.%100 Nov.2023
CU001SumterGerm.%95 Nov.2023
CU004Marketmore 76Germ.%99 Nov.2023
CU005Straight EightGerm.%100 Nov.2023
CU006Suhyo LongGerm.%88 Nov.2023
CU007MandurianGerm.%65 Nov.2023
CU008True LemonGerm.%95 Nov.2023
CU009Poona KheeraGerm.%90 Nov.2023
CU010Tante AliceGerm.%90 Nov.2023
CU011ParadeGerm.%65 Nov.2023
CU012Boothby’s BlondeGerm.%95 Nov.2023
CU013Mexican Sour Gherkin Germ.%86 Nov.2023
CU014Japanese Kyoto Three FeetGerm.%65 Nov.2023
M003Hearts of GoldGerm.%95 Nov.2023
M010TiggerGerm.%90 Nov.2023
M011Sakata’s SweetGerm.%70 Nov.2023
M012Ginger’s Pride            Germ.%60 Nov.2023
M013Prescott Fond BlancGerm.%100 Nov.2023
K001Red BurgundyGerm.%98 Nov.2023
K002Clemson SpinelessGerm.%90 Nov.2023
PR001Hungarian Hot WaxGerm.%90 Nov.2023
PR002Jalapeño (Chipotle)Germ.%85 Nov.2023
PR003Cayenne (Long Slim)Germ.%80 Nov.2023
PR005California Wonder GoldenGerm.%95 Nov.2023
PR007Marconi RossoGerm.%80 Nov.2023
PR008California Wonder RedGerm.%95 Nov.2023
PR011Nardello Sweet ItalianGerm.%90 Nov.2023
PR015Klari Baby CheeseGerm.%90 Nov.2023
PR016FehérözönGerm.%70 Nov.2023
PU001Connecticut FieldGerm.%90 Nov.2023
PU002Small Sugar PieGerm.%85 Nov.2023
PU003Big MaxGerm.%90 Nov.2023
PU004Nantucket Long PieGerm.%100 Nov.2023
PU005HowdenGerm.%75 Nov.2023
Squash – Summer    
SS001Striato d’Italia ZucchiniGerm.%100 Nov.2023
SS002Early Golden CrookneckGerm.%100 Nov.2023
SS003Black BeautyGerm.%88 Nov.2023
SS007Scallop Custard PattypanGerm.%95 Nov.2023
Squash – Winter    
WS001Burgess Buttercup     Germ.%95 Nov.2023
WS002Table Queen             Germ.%90 Nov.2023
WS003Waltham Butternut    Germ.%95 Nov.2023
WS005NC Candy Roaster         Germ.%100 Nov.2023
WS009Delicata  Germ.%88 Nov.2023
T001Italian RomaGerm.%100 Nov.2023
T003Roman CandleGerm.%70 Nov.2023
T004Wapsipinicon PeachGerm.%95 Nov.2023
T005Pruden’s PurpleGerm.%98 Nov.2023
T006Orange BananaGerm.%93 Nov.2023
T008CuatomateGerm.%65 Nov.2023
T009Green ZebraGerm.%94 Nov.2023
T010Jitomate BulitoGerm.%75 Nov.2023
T011Long TomGerm.%96 Nov.2023
T016Purple CalabashGerm.%85 Nov.2023
T017Red TeardropGerm.%80 Nov.2023
T018SuperfantasticGerm.%90 Nov.2023
T019TangerineGerm.%92 Nov.2023
T020White WonderGerm.%85 Nov.2023
T023Cherokee PurpleGerm.%85 Nov.2023
T024Cosmonaut VolkovGerm.%90 Nov.2023
T025Heinz 2653 PasteGerm.%86 Nov.2023
T026Hog HeartGerm.%95 Nov.2023
T027Mark TwainGerm.%98 Nov.2023
T028Rose de BerneGerm.%100 Nov.2023
T029Old FlameGerm.%82 Nov.2023
T030ChiapasGerm.%100 Nov.2023
T031Pink GrapefruitGerm.%60 Nov.2023
T033Black PlumGerm.%90 Nov.2023
T034Mrs. Bot’s Italian GiantGerm.%100 Nov.2023
T035Punta BandaGerm.%100 Nov.2023
T036Ten Fingers of NaplesGerm.%90 Nov.2023
T037Una HartsockGerm.%95 Nov.2023
T039Tartar from MongolistanGerm.%80 Nov.2023
T040Principe BorgheseGerm.%88 Nov.2023
T041Xànthi   Germ.%65 Nov.2023
T044Striped Cavern Germ.%65 Nov.2023
T045Mexico MidgetGerm.%98 Nov.2023
T046Ruffled Red CupGerm.%95 Nov.2023
T047Mortgage Lifter (Red)Germ.%85 Nov.2023
T048Golden SunrayGerm.%90 Nov.2023
T049Green GrapeGerm.%65 Nov.2023
T050Kellogg’s BreakfastGerm.%90 Nov.2023
T051Gold MedalGerm.%85 Nov.2023
T052Trophy  Germ.%80 Nov.2023
T055Glacier Germ.%98 Nov.2023
T056TigerellaGerm.%80 Nov.2023
T057Brandywine, Red Suddith Germ.%95 Nov.2023
T058PeacevineGerm.%95 Nov.2023
T059Japanese Black TrifeleGerm.%95 Nov.2023
T060Brandywine, PinkGerm.%75 Nov.2023
T061Brandywine, YellowGerm.%90 Nov.2023
T063Blue BeechGerm.%85 Nov.2023
W001Sugar BabyGerm.%100 Nov.2023
W002Crimson SweetGerm.%94 Nov.2023
W003Moon and StarsGerm.%100 Nov.2023
W004Early MoonbeamGerm.%100 Nov.2023
W006Cream of SaskatchewanGerm.%100 Nov.2023
P002Mammoth Melting SugarGerm.%100 Dec.2023
P003Laxton’s Progress No.9Germ.%98 Dec.2023
P004Dwarf Gray SugarGerm.%100 Dec.2023
P005Golden SweetGerm.%100 Dec.2023
P008Sugar SnapGerm.%100 Dec.2023
P014Oregon Sugar PodGerm.%96 Dec.2023
P017Amish SnapGerm.%99 Dec.2023
P019SumoGerm.%100 Dec.2023
P021Frosty “the Snowman”Germ.%98 


BR001Calabrese Green SproutingGerm.%100 Dec.2023
BR002Cima Di QuarantinaGerm.%99 


L001ButtercrunchGerm.%100 Dec.2023
L003Oakleaf Red Salad BowlGerm.%100 Dec.2023
L013Little GemGerm.%99 Dec.2023
L015ForellenschlussGerm.%100 Dec.2023
L016Dark Lollo RossaGerm.%100 Dec.2023
L017TangoGerm.%96 Dec.2023
L018Rouge d’HiverGerm.%97 Dec.2023
L019CracoviensisGerm.%80 Dec.2023
L020Antares OakleafGerm.%100 Dec.2023
L021Green Deer TongueGerm.%70 Dec.2023
L024PiratGerm.%100 Dec.2023
L026Crisp MintGerm.%90 Dec.2023
L027Ice QueenGerm.%98 Dec.2023
L028Red IcebergGerm.%100 Dec.2023
L029JerichoGerm.%99 Dec.2023
L030Les Orielles du DiableGerm.%90 Dec.2023
L031Lingua di CanarinoGerm.%100 Dec.2023
L032MerlotGerm.%100 Dec.2023
L038Flashy Green Butter OakGerm.%94 Dec.2023
L043Tom ThumbGerm.%99 Dec.2023
L045Black Seeded SimpsonGerm.%100 Dec.2023
Arugula Germ.%Germ %Dec.2023
GR004AstroGerm.%95 Dec.2023
GR013Wild Arugula (Voyager)Germ.%90 Dec.2023
Asian GreensGerm.%  Dec.2023
GR005Komatsuna TendergreenGerm.%95 Dec.2023
GR012Garland ChrysanthemumGerm.%72 Dec.2023
GR022TatsoiGerm.%90 Dec.2023
Endive Germ.%  Dec.2023
GR001Batavian BroadleavedGerm.%85 Dec.2023
Kale Germ.%  Dec.2023
GR008Red Russian               Germ.%90 Dec.2023
GR023Black Tuscan Palm Tree        Germ.%100 Dec.2023
Mustard GreensGerm.%  Dec.2023
GR003Southern Giant CurledGerm.%100 Dec.2023
GR011Osaka PurpleGerm.%82 Dec.2023
Spinach Germ.%  Dec.2023
GR009New Zealand SpinachGerm.%70 Dec.2023
GR027Bloomsdale Long StandingGerm.%75 Dec.2023
Swiss ChardGerm.%  Dec.2023
SC001Rainbow                     Germ.%72 Dec.2023
SC002Ruby Red                  Germ.%80 Dec.2023
SC003Fordhook Giant         Germ.%70 Dec.2023
Radishes Germ %  
R001French d’AvignonGerm.%90 Dec.2023
R002Early Scarlet GlobeGerm.%98 Dec.2023
R003French BreakfastGerm.%94 Dec.2023
R004Cherry BelleGerm.%96 Dec.2023
R005Plum PurpleGerm.%80 Dec.2023
R006Rat’s TailGerm.%75 Dec.2023
R007Black SpanishGerm.%98 Dec.2023
R008White IcicleGerm.%98 Dec.2023
R010Pink BeautyGerm.%96 Dec.2023
R011WatermelonGerm.%98 Dec.2023
Carrots  Germ % 
CT002KurodaGerm.%95 Dec.2023
CT004Royal Red Core ChantenayGerm.%95 Dec.2023
CT005Nantes ScarletGerm.%95 Dec.2023
CT006Danvers 126Germ.%96 Dec.2023
CT009Marché de ParisGerm.%94 Dec.2023
CT011Atomic RedGerm.%90 Dec.2023