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Our open-pollinated, non-GMO heritage seed, produces the same great-tasting and reliable product year after year, century after century.

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Heirloom Seed Sale!

Remember the good ole' days when Tomatoes were plump, full of juice, with a scent so vibrant and fresh you forgot they were good for you!

We are super excited to be back enjoying and sharing our seeds with YOU! For those who are new friends to our seed selections, welcome all! To start this season off, we have a WELCOME BACK gift for our gardening Friends old and new! TOMATOES!!! Decadent, Sweet, Nourishing Heirloom Beauties! Let's all pretend it's 2006 again (the year of our last catalogue), and price our TOMATOES at $1.99 a package for 25 seeds! Splurge away on any of our yummy varieties your heart and taste-buds desire. Open-pollinated, non-GMO, organically produced deliciousness awaits!


Growing your own heirloom vegetables fills your kitchen with unlimited possibility! Discover something new.


Essential to any culinary garden is a selection of fresh herbs. There is always more space for that next special find.


Unusual, exotic, heirloom – we love growing fruit and vegetables that display these outstanding characteristics.


Both beautiful and useful, flowers have a delightful touch of magic that can turn any garden patch into a special place.

Heritage Collections. Honouring historical plant varieties and the generations who have cared for them. Enjoy shopping the World of Seeds!

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Your willingness to adopt, and to continue cultivating heirloom seed is a priceless contribution to the sustainability of tradition and taste.

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Is there a particular variety of seed that you would like to see us carry? Looking for something different but couldn’t find it on our website? Have you got a particular heirloom in your family treasure box that we should be offering? Please contact us! We are always on the look-out for that hidden botanical gem.


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